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Genichirou Sanada [livejournal.com profile] belongs_to_me

Renji Yanagi [livejournal.com profile] belongs_to_me

Kunimitsu Tezuka [livejournal.com profile] belongs_to_me

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If you're willing to keep up with fandom blab, rants and whatnot--then come and subscribe! This is as public as it can get since my posts only concern my fandom talk. If by some very, very, very odd chance you'd rather listen to my RL adventures, then head over to my original journal at LJ. KTHXBAI :3
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Official trailer for season 5 up! It will be released in Japan on the 28th of January next year (if I read it on the video correctly) I like the change of style (the colors of their hair as well as everything appeared softer to my eyes), and wow.. everyone looked entirely more bishie than ever. O_o
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Ouran style

lucky star



I'm not a fan of Gangnam style song but LOLOLOLOLOL
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01.Divine02.Faith03.Mystic04.Self-Searching05.Personal Quest
06.Dream07.Destiny08.Desire09.Unwelcome Fate10.Truth and Consequence

To take a break from my literature review and book reading, I've decided to take up [community profile] parthenon comm's challenge and write up for Angeal! Yeah, I hope I'll be done sooner than I plan
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Watching crisis core cutscenes recently, I could not help but develop a soft spot for the manliest (LOL) SOLDIER I've seen! ANGEAAAAL~ *takes away shaving cream*

It just struck me how he stands out without even putting an effort to stand out. For me, he's the most ordinary-looking of all the soldier fame line-up *cough*ginger!Gen*cough*gravity-defying hair of Zackpup*cough* yet he's able to be as awesome as them. So, yeah. Cool.

I was searching for his images (yes, an Angeal fanmix will follow :D) then I saw this. With or without beard and moustache, this guy can be cool anytime. YAY!
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In my dreams, everything was made for you and me
Something I can never see in reality until dawn breaks free
Delusions fall into shadows crawling on the walls

This one's a tough call
To make or break, that's the question I'll take
And when I fail, I wouldn't lose anything
Because I had nothing from the very beginning

Time is something we can't take back
Like the words slipping out of our mouth
You can't give it nor receive it
It will never be in your hands

You spoke of phrases with shallow meanings
I talk about these chaotic feelings
We cannot sort out things easily
Living out of a lifeless breath, it's impossible to me.

I'm done with this brief poem! Yeah, it's too short.
yeah, it's not good. ;p
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For [livejournal.com profile] knittedninja
Torpedo )
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Sorry for the hiatus. This was done for [livejournal.com profile] knittedninja. Happy easter, everyone!

Alapaap )

This is my second most favorite eraserheads' song. ♥♥♥
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This was done for [livejournal.com profile] knittedninja! :3
Ligaya )
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This was done for [livejournal.com profile] knittedninja! :3 Keep spreading the eheads' love. ♥♥♥
Minsan )

P.S: Finally, I have the White Message mp3 with me!!!! Yay!!!! <3333333
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Magasin )
More coming soon!
This is for [livejournal.com profile] knittedninja. <333
Note: My journal style is currently undergoing modification and construction, so I may be veeeeeery busy here.
ETA: I'm finally done with the construction~! Now, on with my ehead translations! XD
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Here's my first attempt at translating Filipino song lyrics to English ones. This was done for my dear friend [livejournal.com profile] knittedninja. I will only be putting up my english translations here (since I'm too tired to copy and paste the Filipino lyrics XD) that I have written up myself (so it may not be that accurate, ok?). If taking/posting to another place, please give credit to me, [livejournal.com profile] apathymoon. How? Just provide a link back to my LJ (http://apathymoon.livejournal.com). If any of you have song translation requests (NOTE: I only do Filipino --> English and English --> Filipino translations), feel free to comment here and I will do it for you. :3 And Remember, Eraserheads = ♥

Ang Huling El Bimbo Translation )
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The poem under the cut!cut! )
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Apathy... )
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Exhausted...! )
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That song... )
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Poem's here,fetch...!:p )
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True and Real )
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