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My brief but suitable poem for the brightest season.. )
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You Get Me Crazy )
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Asphyxiation )
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Sweet Lies

You're so kind
You're so alright
You always treat me fine,why?
The question gets me nauseous

When you kiss me I felt the love falter
All of it tasted pure bitter
Your deceitful eyes lure me....
Closer to you

When all that you is you like me,
It stings my heart to know the truth
That those were just fraudulent words
falling down to oblivion of nothingness..

Your compliments sound gentle to the ear
But those are nothing but just sweet lies..
That I keep on erasing in my
poisoned head

I want to run away from you
Want to go away from you
But your hands keep pulling me
To your false love

If all of it can only be true
I wouldn't hesitate to go back with you
But the reality is that you deceive me with your trickery
Just leave me here with solidarity!

Cagalli Poem here )
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Well,this poem was inspired by the song "Aubrey" by the Bread(Ahh..I'll never get tired listening to my Bread Essentials CD..)

And now..

The Poem is Here..! )
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