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Stay by me forever,don't let go of my hand
We walk side by side,our reverie leading us
towards the future,the love I embrace with you
And all I hope is the wait is all the worth

The two of us,while sauntering
Are searching for love in the spaces of time
I want to tie our hearts together
So as not to be carried along by the stream of misery

I want to protect that look in your eyes
Believe in the love that can change sadness into strength
Even though the life of your dreams withers to fade
Don't let go of that smile;it's what keeps my heart shining among darkness

In such times I see your pristine smile when I close my eyes
I know,all of us want to have an everlasting happiness
Whenever you're sad,I wanna give you a whisper of assurance
And clasp your trembling hands with comforting warmth

I want you to know that distance will not serve hindrance
For my affection to you will always glow with importance
And if you ever need someone to come along this painstaking journey
Call me,I'd be here..always,ready to take the agony

Date: 2008-12-04 10:47 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] senbonzakura77.livejournal.com
:) I rather like this one. It's quite interesting, especially the choice of title.

Very well written~!

Date: 2008-12-04 11:50 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] apathymoon.livejournal.com
Thanks..!:DDD ..My thesaurus book did much of a help for me to look for titles.

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