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Sorry for the hiatus. This was done for [livejournal.com profile] knittedninja. Happy easter, everyone!


This color - original lyric
This color - translation

May isang umaga, na tayo'y magsasama
Haya at halina sa alapaap
O, anong sarap, haa...

There's one morning when we'll be together
Come into the clouds
O, what delight, haa..

Hanggang sa dulo ng mundo
Hanggang maubos ang ubo
Hanggang gumulong ang luha
Hanggang mahulog ang tala

Until the end of the world
Until my coughing ends
Until the tears come rolling
Until the stars fall down

Masdan mo ang aking mata
'Di mo ba nakikita
Ako ngayo'y lumilipad at nasa langit na
Gusto mo bang sumama?

Look at my eyes
Don't you see?
I'm flying now and [I'm] in heaven
Would you like to come?

Hindi mo na kailangan ang magtago't mahiya
Hindi mo na kailangan humanap ng iba
Kalimutan lang muna
Ang lahat ng problema
Huminga ka ng malalim at tayo'y lalarga na
Handa na bang gumala?

You don't need to hide and be shy
You don't need to look for anyone else
Just forget for now
All the problems
Deep breathe and we will go now
Are you ready to whisk off?

Ang daming bawal sa mundo
(Ang daming bawal sa mundo)
Sinasakal nila tayo
(Sinasakal nila tayo)
Buksan ang puso at isipan
(Buksan ang puso at isipan)
Paliparin ang kamalayan

There are many prohibitions in the world
(There are many prohibitions in the world)
They are suffocating us
(They are suffocating us)
Open the heart and mind
(Open the heart and mind)
Let the consciousness fly

Masdan mo ang aking mata
'Di mo ba nakikita
Ako'y lumilipad at nasa alapaap na
Gusto mo bang sumama?

Look at my eyes
Don't you see?
I'm flying now and in the clouds
Would you like to come?

Gusto mo bang (gusto mo bang) x8

Would you like (Would you like) x8



This is my second most favorite eraserheads' song. ♥♥♥
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